The Society for the Appreciation of the Post-Dialogic Novel - Games Division


"It's only a game, but then, it's the only game." anon. source?


In the sense that games are immersive environments, and supreme examples of "duration time" during interaction, there lies something analagous to the novel experience. Some sources of exploration:

NEW: FEED has a good list of resources for those interested in the current state of affairs in computer gaming.

Myst: Possibly something of a fluke in it's popularity, as nothing similar has achieved a similar success. A landmark in the evolution of CD-ROM games due to lack of kill-kill-kill posturing. Hours of exploration abound in this beautifully rendedered fictitious world.


Quake: the successive improvements of DOOM, the most popular walk-through shoot-em-up of all time. Worth exploring for the environments and the possibility of environments. (Demo available at link)


SimEnvirons: another category--that of simulated environments in elapsed time, dependent upon player input. Maybe not exactly how the real world works, but the best attempts at popular modeling of interactive landscapes yet. SimCity classic now playable online.


Sanitarium: A nod toward possibility--not quite Jung, but elementarily Freudian at least.


And then, there's the MUD dimension, well represented with the below:

Mud Connector--the best directory for MUDs

Waterdeep--an exemplary instance

Interactive Fiction--for creators


A source of info from the enthusiasts themselves: CGR



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