On the far banks of the Attoyac, a forum dedicated for inquiry into the form of the novel as expanded by the thought of Mikhail Bakhtin and envisioned by Simone Weil--". . .something equivalent to the actual density of the real. . ."


In association with The Society for the Appreciation of the PostDialogic novel, the center subscribes to and publishes the ongoing development of the Society's Manifesto.  It proposes to be a document for an analytical criteria of the novel.



From Philip Roth's epoch-making statement from 1960 to now; Is there anything going on with the state of the essay on the state of the novel lately? Altered States is a temperature reading of the moment by Alexander Star in Feed.

For a kind view of Ralph Ellison's Juneteenth, see this article from The Atlantic Monthly.

The New Republic has an excellent overview of the novels of Nathaniel West, by Martin Filler.

Our current feature is an opinion on The New York Times's review of David Foster Wallace's Brief Interviews with Hideous Men