Nobody was home at the trailer to marvel.  Mac alone saw a local celebrity on national TV and was exhilarated by the miracle of the event.  His face flushes.  The Reverend Sarah, as she's known, is being celebrated on the evangelical 901 Club.
The title is something of a homely joke--although fully invested as a congregational minister, her alternate role is that of Medical Doctor, known by the charity hospital and others for her free clinic and collected hours of community work.  She is a never married seventy four year old.  At local church halls Mac has attended two of her encouraging addresses, but was able neither time among the crowd to speak personally or shake her hand.  He spots her often during his driving rounds; she is given free use of a new Mercedes each year from a local dealer.
Mac feels a tingle along the back of his neck when Pat Robinson brings up her home town--where he himself actually lives--and her good works there.  Mac suffers, that neither Cooper or Sybil are around to here this.  Something like this could get away, vanish, as if it had never happened, except for him alone watching.
For the fourth time Pat Robinson says how happy he is to have the Reverend  Doctor Sarah sitting right there with him.  "Now, tell me how, just how--I don't know--how it is you can find the time to administer all the good works you do?  I mean, the free clinic work, the ministry work alone, not just the Sundays. . .?"
"Well, I don't know how to explain it.  I guess sleep us just highly overrated.  [audience laughter]  You just get up in the morning and do it, and don't stop for anything."

"But three hours a night?  I'd thought mightily well of myself for getting five and a half.  And I am just a hair younger than yourself." [mild laughter]

"Of course as a young woman, I gave many hours to my medical studies, but that's where I learned to get by on as little shut-eye as possible; all the while never losing in my sight [she raises her eyes to the studio ceiling] my spiritual mission as well.  Life is never complete without fully tending to the body's physical requirements, as well as the inner life's, Pat."
"And a gourmet menu for both, with you, Reverend Dr."  [laughter and long pause]
"But in all seriousness, Pat.  Where has anyone ever gone wrong in serving God?  What harm has anyone ever done in praising the Lord and helping her fellow people?"
Mac's tragedy: no VCR.