In the lot behind the station Pat finds Tim-the-primary-accepting-officer among a circle of compatriots. When they are dispatched he holds Tim alone and asks for the entire story.

Tim tells him, simply, and drives off casually in his cruiser. Pat goes back upstairs to speak with the chief. The chief is impatient but listens distractedly to what Pat knows of Mac, his character. Certain embarrassing incidents with waitresses that demonstrate an essentially harmless nature.

When Pat is through the chief maintains there have been no irregularities in the apprehension of the suspect. They have a solid, unforced confession. He pointedly, grievously asks Pat to refrain from any untoward notions. Does Pat remember how long people have been hounding this office for the latest on the Reverend's killer when there has been nothing at all since the day after her body was found? The TV newscast leading off every damn evening with Tonight, the nth day since the slaying of the Reverend Dr. Sarah? "This is all about to be over Patrick, thank the Lord."