Why? Why does a man kill?

These are the questions being plummeted.

This is the third session; Martin is finally getting to something now. He has the wealth of his relationship with Mac at hand, all the knowledge, and here is more. They are up to Mac's sister, and a detail is about to spill.

"Me and John used to, uh. . ." Mac is deeply uncomfortable. Martin goes for water, practices tact, then tries again. Mac tells him. "She was about eight, ten. We used to chase her and knock her down, she wore these dresses. We'd pull it up over her head. The guys would come along and we'd show them her. . .drawers. She'd cry, more when she was wearing old ones with holes in them."

Martin waits. Mac is truly emotional, repentant.

"Mac, that stuff by itself, it couldn't have. . ." It couldn't have made anyone feel actually suicidal. Martin was sure there was more. There was something good at the bottom of this.

He was trying to get there slowly, asking about her career as a nurse,when Pat and the chief and Tim come in. The chief is flustered. Martin is physically removed to the end of the hall.

Mac is told the situation briefly, and then the lawyer is called. He will be free shortly.

"What?" Martin shouts, advancing. Tim takes him out of the jail.