Martin turned in the Freepress paper to the City Police Department Investigations Log

Man robs another man of his money

Man beats up his girlfriend

Juvenile argues with his mother

Woman accused of hitting two juveniles

Man hits woman with his fist

Man bites his girlfriend on the leg

Man hits his sister on the head

Man attacks a woman

Man strikes ex-girlfriend with his fist

Man hits woman with a beer bottle

Man grabs his girlfriend

Unknown men gained entry into a residence

Woman hits her father

Man strikes woman with his fist

Man slaps woman

Man pours beer into a woman's hair

Man threatens an officer

Man steals a U-Haul rental truck

Man hits woman with his car

Man punches his ex-girlfriend

Man hits girlfriend with his fist

Three men jump another man

Man attacks a woman



and breathed with a peculiar complex satisfaction at the chronicle of events.