Martin. Let's get real here. Mac could not have done this.

Not the Mac we know.

No way. This was an entirely monstrous act.

I don't have to convince you. Or anybody, really. I don't have to try.

Are you convincing yourself? Do you believe he did it?

Come on. Ask me a hard question, okay?

What does that mean? You're so sure about it.

No. Take it as satirical. My way of saying it's not an easy question.

So you at least admit the possibility.

Strange, I guess. As in stranger things have happened.

But not in real life.

No. The opposite. Especially in real life.

I've never known him to even talk in violent terms. Usually there's a few signs, you know.

How about this one: He was always so quiet, kept to himself.

Well. No one ever accused Mac of that.

Or this one: He helped little children. Brought old ladies their groceries.

But, you. You're probably the only person who anybody could say really knows him.

Come on. A lot of people know Mac.

They know who he is. There's a big difference. He's always idolized you. You're the only one who's taken time ...

Aw, can it. You always said I treated him like a case study. Remember?

Well. There's been some genuine caring. Obviously. The way you wince when he's around, you keep on talking with him. Everybody else just leaves.

Gee thanks.

I can't believe you think that, maybe.

I don't have it all figured out.

You've talked to him, right? Is he admitting. . . ?

I've talked to him.

Martin. This is not my job asking you. Not Kelly. It's me. Now tell me. Surely he's not in a state of mind where he doesn't know himself what happened. Mac's never been certifiable.

No. He's not that.

Look. In the end, you have to choose one or the other. What you think.

In the end, yes.


I'm not liking the end.

Oh, Jesus.