A new billboard in the south sector of the city : 51% is all it takes. Vote.

Mac tells Martin they have confiscated his car. Tim informed him. "They took another car to pay for the wrecked one before. I don't what they'll take to pay for that one." Martin tells him not to worry about it, one-fourth of all used auto loans are defaulted. They actually need a loss occasionally, or it screws the system up.

"Well, could you take care of my stuff for me?"


"Or give it to John."

"I'll keep it for you. Until whenever." Martin tells Mac about the series they will do for the paper, since Mac had kind of suggested it himself. Mac doesn't seem as excited as before, but is cooperative. There has been a book agent calling the paper for people personally acquainted with the said killer. Martin cannot claim that he is unaware of this. Nor of Kelly's incessant boasting about going to the farm leagues for the network. Atlanta, no less.